Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Last "Snow" Post

Last December I posted an idea on a "Too Cute" Post for a great craft idea from Ten Kids and a Dog.  I planned to do it during out Christmas activities but then . .. the dreaded sickness hit our house and everything stopped.  My mom even was the one to pick up the supplies for me and mailed them since we were down to one vehicle and I couldn't get to town.  I was glad to finally be able to get this done and it was fun!

 The project was very simple.  Using Masking Tape, I created a simple snowflake on the canvas. Depending on the size of the canvas and the age of the child, you could get more creative and/or let your child create the snowflake.

 Then the boys got to paint . .. and paint . . and paint!  I had two different shades of blue and white for them to use.  Now, my kids love paint so by the time they were done I figured these would never dry HA!  (I will admit that when they weren't looking I spooned brushed some of the excess paint off !!)

The finish projects!!!  Once the paint had basically dried, I pulled the masking tape off the canvas - it came off super easy and left behind the awesome snowflakes.