Saturday, August 12, 2017

Our Week in Photos #8

So this happened on Sunday:
 My baby aka my truck hit 200,000 miles.  I was thankful to be the one driving it since, well, it is my sweet vehicle.  I love my Trailblazer - it's an awesome vehicle.  Now, I wonder if we can keep it going another 200,000 :-) 

Our garbage day is on Mondays and this is what happens most Mondays:
 Josh heads outside to wait for the garbage truck after seeing it pass by the front of the house. 
 When the truck arrives, he has a full conversation with the "garbage getter" (the guy who drops off the back of the truck to get the bin) AFTER the driver waves at him, honks his horn and talks to him out his window as he's driving by.  Sometimes this guy in the driveway lets Josh pull the lever to load the bin into the truck but, no matter what, he always stops and talks to Josh every single week.  

The boys also pulled out Twister and had some fun getting, well, twisted :-)

Our main "excitement for the week" has been cleaning the boys room (which I'll share for another post) but, in doing so, we've uncovered some things that have been hidden behind boxes and tables for a month or two.  

 They can finally get to the Wii again and are enjoying playing their favorite video games.
Nate has only taken off this Power Ranger outfit when I force him too.  I believe he might be sleeping in it on Wednesday night.

This past week seems like it's been a little quieter but there are things I was unable to take photos of:

1) They both went in for the Well-Child Visit and passed with flying colors.  They are both super healthy and right where they need to be! 
2) They both went in for they semi-annual dental visit and neither had any cavities (which is great) and both have a consultation set up with the Orthodontist next week (which is . .. good?)  Yikes!
3) They both attended the community VBS this week (Sun-Thurs) in our town and had a really good time.  They even managed to both get their names drawn for a free week of summer day camp next summer at a local Christian Camp! 
4) We also managed to get a little swimming in this week too.