Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - I have no idea what we did . . .

As I'm getting ready to write this post I'm kind of at a loss - trying to remember what we did this past week.  It seems like last week was eon's ago.  So, I went back through my photos from the week and this is what we did:


A little preview - I took the boys to a "Touch the Truck" event in our town where they got to get inside all kinds of fun trucks!

 We went to the beach. In the fog.  Heavy, heavy fog.  I've never seen anything like it!  It was a great teaching moment of how the fog is created.  We also were able to talk about the different safety flags that are flown concerning swimmer safety.

 We played with lots and lots of bubbles.
 We took lots of hikes and bike rides.
And walked out to see the boats come in (and out) of the channel.


The boys had their final T-ball game of the season.  It was awesome to see how much they have improved.

Thursday -
One of the cocoon's opened up and the boys got to see their moth.  They were also able to let it go and watch it learn to fly.  It was really quite awesome. 

Friday -
The boys created.  They pulled out the Lincoln Logs and built creations for hours.

Saturday -
We helped pack up my brother and his family . .or maybe the boys just played and played  .. either way, they had fun.

I guess we did a whole lot!  We may not have cracked a "book" but there was a lot of lessons learned!