Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making Your Home a Haven and a few other things

One of the first blogs I read that focused on being a Christ Centered Woman within your home was Women Living Well .  I've enjoyed Courtney's writing and that she often does monthly challenges that encourage growth spiritually as well as growth within the home  The past couple of years, I've participated in her Making your home a haven challenge but, some how, missed the beginning of it this year!  I love her focus each week on things like burning a candle as a reminder to pray for your family or to have soft, relaxing music playing all day every day (one I'm working on more!).  If you are looking for encouragement in how to make your home a haven, check out Courtney's posts!

Courtney has already announced the next challenge which will be a book challenge based on the book Messy Beautiful Love.  I know that I plan to participate in this book "club" and encourage you to do so as well! 

One last thing, Courtney is doing a daily Bible Reading program hosted on her site as well.  You can find the latest study on the side of her blog  or you can also click HERE and read about it as well.  I'm currently in the middle of a study on Esther but plan to jump into the Women Living Well Bible Reading program once the study is finished up.