Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's the big day!

Today is the big day - the day we've been waiting for months!  Darryl is having back surgery - L4-L5 Fusion.  I'll be enjoying a quiet day at the hospital while he is in the three hour surgery and yes, I'm looking forward to it!

Darryl and I have spent the last few days marking some things off of the list and spending lots of time together.  On Sunday, well, we slept in after getting home in the middle of the night.  I worked on cleaning up the house a little, did some laundry and relaxed.  We went out to dinner at Big Boy (for some yummy fish and chips!) and even went for a drive at 11:00 just because we could!

Monday was our "get 'er done" day.  I ran a few errands while Darryl fixed a few things around the house that needed to be gone - just those simple things that always get put off.  I cleaned up the garage so we can park in it again too.  We decided to take a drive and ended up at Outback for dinner and it was very, very good :-)

Tuesday was our "date day".  We started out by going to see a movie.  We saw "Mom's Night Out" and it was so good.  We laughed a lot and enjoyed our lunch of Popcorn and Pepsi ;-)  From there, we headed to the cab company for a quick stop and then went on down to the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.  We had been wanting to check it out and it is really, really cool.  We ended up getting some fabulous cookies for a snack.  From there, Darryl had to teach me how to get to the hospital :-)  So we drive that route, stopped at City Hall so he could renew his cab license and finally headed for dinner.   Once we got home we had a few little things to do - replace an outside lightbulb and replace the water softener filter. 

I had planned to take photos of a few things but that didn't happen :-) 

Now, we are ready for surgery and ready for the next 6-8 weeks as he recovers.  A family from our church has already brought us a meal and some great brownies and a HUGE cinnamon roll (just for me HA)  Such a blessing!