Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinterest Plans - March

First of all, if you want to see what I did (or didn't) accomplish in February, just click HERE.  I did try some things, one even failed HA!

I'm starting to think about summer ideas so I want to make this game from This Old House.
Once again, after ready the description . .. well, I'm not making this HA!  I don't really do saws or anything.  Plus I got a magazine that has lots of fun stuff for outside that is CHEAP :-) 
Since St Patrick's Day and Easter hit in the same month . . my April wreath really needs to carry over to May also so I thought that this one from Polka Dot Chair would be perfect.
Watch for an upcoming post on the making of this wreath in April.
One of my goals this month is to take care of my feet to get ready for summer so here is one idea I'll be trying from Buzzle.
I'm also going to try this idea from to help my dry feet.
And, on the other foot, I'll try this idea from :-)

Another thing on my goal list (again) is to get a coat rack hung up in our entry way so this is my inspiration from Little Daisy May.  (Ok, the photo is from pinterest and links back to this blog - but to the home page. I did not search for the actual post . . .)
I love this for the bathroom - for the price, I'll probably just order it instead of make it! Check it out over at this Etsy Shop.
I have this marked in to order - it will go into April's budget - I'll share a photo once I have it, and have it on the wall! 
This is something else I'm hoping to buy this month.  I first saw it over at Shannon Makes Stuff.  Maybe my kids will want to be potty trained if we have this cool seat!
As much as I want one - they are a little pricey . . .if I can budget it for it soon, I will order it!!  
I'm kinda getting tired of the art in my bathroom and want something more fun so I think I will maybe add this . only links back to a board on  Pinterest as the link only goes to a photo anyway.
One last idea I want to make this month is this birthday calendar from Eighteen 25.  I used to be so good at sending cards but I've slacked off.  I know I love getting them so I want to get back into the routine and this would help me out!

I still need to work on cleaning out my boards.  As I've looked for ideas I want to do I've found lots of things I don't want to make or that are doubles.  I might even just delete my recipe board and start over HA  It is way to big to work with!