Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Fun - August 8

This past week, my kids hit their exhausted point.  They have been going strong since we went camping several weeks ago.  Super late nights, tons of swimming at the campground, really physical swim lessons (swimming 4-5 laps in the huge YMCA pool), and playing outside.  We were swimming at the campground one night and Josh said, "mom, I'm so tired, I just want to go home."  HA!

Our days were pretty much the same this week.  So I'll just share some photos.

 We finally broke out the Slippy Slide this week.  Our friends who I babysit bought this in the spring when I mentioned I wasn't putting a pool up but was just going to get some yard water toys to use instead.  At that point, the events hadn't unfolded which led to my mom being at the campground with the pool.  Since we swim almost every evening, this hasn't had much interest.  But, this week it was so incredibly hot that the boys wanted water fun all day long.  The second day they added bubbles to the slide and that was a big hit!
 Priceless.  The boys love to learn.  Here, they were listening to songs about the countries and capitals of the world. 

This was the last week of summer swim lessons.  They did some hard swimming this week but wow, what improvement.  They went from being afraid of the water to swimming without life jackets on and swimming underwater.  I'm planning to enroll them in lessons for the fall so we can keep up their skills.

The boys also got to enjoy their first real "friend" birthday party by attending the 6th birthday of their friend who I babysit.  It was at the local bowling alley and the boys where beside themselves with this opportunity!