Monday, November 2, 2015

Make It Monday - The Birthday Week

For several years, I have planned to plan (yes you read that right) a birthday week tradition.  I read blog posts, made lists and never did it because I was overwhelmed with what I wanted to do to.  This year, I stopped over thinking it all and just tried to do one little thing each day leading up to the birthday to make the week special.

We started Josh's week out at Papa and Nana's, as I shared on Saturday.  That was a pretty good kick off.

Then, at home we started out on Monday morning by putting the birthday pillowcase on his pillow.  He loved it and STILL has that pillowcase on his pillow! 

On Monday evening, I made a secret stop at the Dollar Store (my favorite place to buy balloons!) and picked up 7 balloons and attached them to the banister in the kitchen after the boys were asleep.   I didn't say think on Tuesday morning and just wanted for Josh to see them. .  I knew when he did because he had a HUGE smile on his face. 

On Tuesday night, I added this birthday banner on the arch.  This is a banner that I made several years ago - it gets lots of use!
 On Wednesday night, I decorated his door with balloons and ribbons.
 I hung these very special balloons over the table.  Why are they special?  Because each one has a dollar bill inside.
And, set the table for the birthday boy. 

 I had also laid his birthday shirt out on the chair right outside his room so that when he got up on his birthday he would see it - I heard him come out of his room that morning and before I even saw him, he had changed into his shirt.  He loved it.
 Josh also got to help make and decorate his own birthday cake to have with his friends on his birthday.  We also went to the grocery store so he could pick out his "family" birthday cake too.  Oh, and we also went out to lunch at the McDonald's with the playland AND did not do school!
Of course, he also got to pop those money filled balloons! 

I'm really happy with our week of surprises and will do the same (or at least very similiar things - even if not in the same order) for future birthdays in the family.  Darryl things he is getting 50 balloons with $1.00 bills in them for his birthday . . .I told him to keep dreaming HA!