Thursday, September 6, 2018

First Day of School 2018

We started school on Tuesday.  We've been pretty quiet about school mostly because neither the boys nor I were ready for summer to "end".  Getting back into a schedule and being tied in to getting school done each day is always a big change to our freedom of the summer but we also know it has to get done and that's ok!  I've spent some time over the past month planning out our schedule, figuring out what days to do what subjects to ensure that no one is overwhelmed since we do a 4 day week (which means we have to double up on a few subjects each week), and also figuring out a better way to do seatwork.  I also wanted extra practice for both boys this year in cursive handwriting, spelling, and just daily review so I found supplemental material for those areas too. 

We had fun with our "First Day" photos!!

 We started with some photos in our yard - Nate had some ideas he wanted to do.  
 Nate loves to swing so he wanted a swing photo. 
 Josh is a 9 going on 16 so he gave me a little bit of "this is dumb mom" attitude HA! 

 My two sweet boys - hard to believe that this is year 5 of homeschooling.  
 Josh wanted a swing picture too. 
 A little fun on the trampoline too! 

We then had fun at the pool!  So, of course, we took photos there too! Yes, we finished all of our school work before lunch and then headed to the pool on the super hot first day of school.  We had the pool mostly to ourselves which is just fabulous! 

We've had a pretty easy start to our year.  The lessons start out easy (all intro stuff) and there aren't any live lessons which frees up quite a bit of time in our day.  We have about 2 weeks without live lessons so we are going to enjoy the extra time we have right now.