Saturday, January 13, 2018

Our Week in Photos #27

We had another very quiet week:

On Saturday, we finally headed to my in-laws to celebrate Christmas.  This was the third attempt and it wasn't without difficulty.  We woke up to a frozen pipe and then, when we went to leave, the truck broke down so we had to switch vehicles and deal with a vehicle in the shop part of the week.

 My in-laws have an amazing hill that lead right out onto the very frozen lake.  This is the first time that the boys have really gotten to slide on a big hill and they had a blast. 

 Grandpa Charlie with the boys.

 Of course, we also had the fun of opening presents too!
 This is something I don't get very often - this sweet little boy all worn out and sleeping on the couch.  Just 2 minutes before this he said, "Mom, I want to lay with you" and then he was snoring. HA!
We worked hard to wrap up the semester work this past week so we could have all of next week off - we came close but will have to finish up a few random things on Monday and Tuesday but otherwise, the boys will get a nice semester break!  This is an art project that Nate had to make this week out of, well, garbage.  He made his out of . . .Mac and Cheese Boxes HA!