Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Menu - the one without any planning

So, this coming week we spend days in the hospital and then come home to just the two of us.  No, we won't be eating out since Darryl won't be up to going anywhere but I'm not really planning much.  We'll take it more day by day. 

Friday - I'm assuming we will still be in the hospital today so I'll be eating there. 

Saturday- This is an "up in an air" day.  There is a chance Darryl will still be in the hospital today.  If so, my nephew's graduation open house is today and I will probably drive over there for a bit and eat there.  If he goes home today, I will probably order a pizza or something simple after he gets settled.

Sunday - Last week I cooked up some hamburger so I will probably make some tacos or sloppy joes. 

Monday - Thursday  - This is the "no planning" comes in.  I have meat in the freezer to use if I feel like cooking, plus we have simple stuff like soup, Tuna Fish, and Mac and Cheese to use for simple meals.  I'm guessing we'll end up with Subway for dinner one night and maybe KFC at some point but I'm really not sure. 

That's it - no real planning !!