Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Week #7

Here's the plan followed by what really happened :-)

Thursday - I had a Leadership meeting and the boys have Theater class. This went as planned.  The leadership meeting was longer than normal so we didn't have much time and ended up meeting Darryl for Taco Bell dinner at about 7:00 after Theater.  

Friday - Swimming.   Swimming was great :-)  What was also great was having nothing to do Friday evening and just getting to hang out at home! 

Saturday - The Free Fair!  We made our annual trek to the Free Fair that is literally across the street from our house (ok, it's technically a 1/2 mile away but it is still across the street!) It was amazing, fun, fantastic, just all of those things! 

Sunday - Darryl and I are going out for the day.  The boys went with my mom and Darryl and I got to have a date day.  

Monday - My Niece is coming to visit, Nate has a hair appointment scheduled, and then Nate has a Tae Kwon Do picnic. I ended up moving Nate's appointment so we had more time with my niece and her husband and I'm so glad I did!  Once we got home, we had just a little bit before Nate and I had to leave for his summer practice and picnic in the park. 

Tuesday - They boys have a friend coming over. I ended up having to make a quick trip to town for my contacts so my mom came over.  The boys friend still came over and they had a great time. 

Wednesday - We have a field trip with our co-op. I had to make a second trip back to the eye doctor (trying to resolve a contact/vision issue!).  Then, we headed to our local state park/beach for swimming with our Homeschool Friends.