Wednesday, May 9, 2012

41 x 41 . . or at least some goals for the year :-)

I mentioned in my 40 x 40 recap post that I was thinking about some new goals now that that list is expired.  I was going to try and be creative but instead I just got thinking about some questions I want to solve and then some things I'd like to accomplish this next year. 

First of all, I have 8 questions I asked myself and I would like to try and answer this coming year:
1. I don't want my bathroom to smell stale - what can I do?  I know this seems funny but our bathroom is closed off most of the day.  The door is shut and, 9 months a year, the windows are closed too.  I've noticed that it always kinda smells stale in there.  So I'm working on some things to make that not happen.

2. I want to plan activities for my kids - how do I succeed?  As much as I have tried to do this, I tend to not take the time to make it work so I'm reinventing the wheel and hope to make this summer a success!

3. I want to have homes for everything - how do I do this?  I hate when things don't have a home . . that is how clutter builds.  I want to be able to bring something in and know right where to put it.  Whether it be a magazine or a craft supply - everything should have a home.

4. I want to fit exercise in my day - what do I need to do?  I have some ideas :-)

5.  I want to eat healthier - how can I plan?  I've said it before, we love food in this house but we are both committed to making some changes :-0

6.  I want to save money - how can I be disciplined.  Eek - it is so easy to spend, isn't it?

7.  I want to go away for our anniversary to Cleveland or to Chicago . . How can I make it happen?  Cleveland might seem funny but I've planned a complete trip there . .. twice . . and we haven't gone.  I just want to do IT ; Chicago - we want to take the train and stay downtown!

8.  I want to run a 5K - what do I need to do to reach this goal.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Ok, maybe, maybe not but it looks good doesn't it? 

Now, here are some things I would like to do over the next 12 months:
1.  Ride one of the Great Lake Boats to WI and back.
2. Go to the beach at LEAST 2 times this summer.
3. Eat at the longest Breakfast Table in Battle Creek
4. Take Darryl and the Kids to see the lights at Crossroads Village
5. Take my Kids to the circus
6.  Go to the Harlem Globetrotters game in January
7.  Go to a Tigers Game !!

For now that is all I can think of :-)  Besides these specific things, I'm going to get back to my theme word this year of Simplify . I've kinda lost focus over the last few months since I've been busy with other projects but it is time to refocus :- )