Saturday, August 24, 2013

Things that May Surprise You

I bet you think I'm normal.  Well, I am ;-)  But I thought I'd share a few things you might not know about me.

We drink as much chocolate milk in a week as we do white milk.  I usually by 2 gallons of chocolate and two gallons of white . . .then sometime in the middle of the week we generally have to buy one more of each.  My kids can even distinguish the difference and ask for "Chocolate Taste" (chocolate milk) over "Milk Stirred". . .. they check the fridge when I make them Chocolate milk to make sure the real stuff is gone.  You might wonder why I do this?  Do you have something in your childhood that you love but didn't get to have it very often?  Mine is chocolate milk.  (My dad's is actually White Milk - he loves it and grew up not getting it often so he knew that as an adult, he would always have as much milk as he wanted in his house).  Don't get me wrong, my mom did buy it periodically and we used a lot of Nestle Quik in our house but back in the day, buying chocolate milk was not high on the list.  (Plus when we did get it, we had to mix it with white milk - I'm so thankful for 1% chocolate milk!!)  Anyway, I figure as long as I can fit it into the grocery budget, I'm buying chocolate milk.  :-)

My kids have been known to say, "Mom, our house is too cold" :-) in the winter. Yep, I keep that thermostat turned down low.  I had to laugh to myself last fall as I sat in a ladies meeting with ladies from church and someone was talking about a family who's furnace had gone out the day before and it would be 2 -3 days before it could be repaired.  They were really concerned about how cold they might get and wondered if people had some electric heaters they could use . .. the low those nights/days was going to be 60 . .I keep my thermostat set at 60 at night and often forget to turn it up during the day and as of that particular time, we hadn't even turned ours on yet HA!  I do turn it up to about 65 during the coldest days and my husband turns it up to 70 when he walks in the door.  Oh, and I do turn it up to 68 when company is coming over out of the goodness of my heart.  It isn't so much that I am cheap - it is more that I HATE to be hot.  I can always put on a sweatshirt or sit with a blanket but if I'm hot, I'm miserable :-)

Carbonation is my friend :-)  Several times I've tried to become a water drinker but I just stumbling over missing those bubbles in my drink.  Imagine my surprise when I tasted Sprite Zero (thanks to my dad) and discovered I loved this Carbonated, Lemon-lime infused . .water ;-)  It has zero anything so it really is just water (at least in my book) and becomes my best friend when I'm thirsty.  Don't you worry - I drink water too.  I've found if I buy the little 8 oz bottles of water, I can down those in one swig without thinking and that makes it easy to drink water.

We are heavy drinkers in this house hold ;-)  Before I've even made it down the third aisle in the store, my cart is full.  Juice Boxes (usually 2 boxes - they are great for lunch and also for taking on the road), 2 bottles of juice, 2 gallons of chocolate milk, 2 gallons of white milk, a 12 pack each of Pepsi and Sprite Zero and, right now, 3-4 gallons of water and a 24 pack of the small bottles of water.  (We actually have a Water Purifier . .. I need to get that fixed soon) And yes, we drink all of that in a 7 day period and then some. My grocery bill would be about 25 dollars less if we didn't drink anything. 

Salty and Sweet - yum.  I love Chocolate Covered Pretzel's, Peanuts in my ice cream, muffins with my dinner, and Mr. Goodbars.  Imagine my delight when I found Chicken and Waffle flavored chips :-)  I love them - the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  Now my husband - he is not a fan of that combination in any form.  (At least he doesn't steal my treats!!)

I will never jump on the "Juice" wagon.  You know what I mean - the whole "juice fast" thing.  Yeah. I prefer to chew my food.  Really, I just enjoy my food.  Instead we are slowly (very, very slowly) trying to change some of our eating habits.  We love food in this house. . . .good tasting food.  We are working on figuring out what we really love (such as really good dinners) and trying to cut back on other areas like, breakfast.

I wrote this post several months ago and am not sure why it did not get posted.  I figured I would share it now since it is still very accurate - I had fun re-reading it; it made me smile :-)