Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Welcome to another week of Too Cute Not To Toot!  I'm going to start right out with a . . . .4th of July Idea :-)  Actually, this star idea could be used as a decoration for any party, just change the color of the paper.  Ask Anna gives a very easy tutorial to follow.

Do you have any road trips planned for the summer? Well, check out this idea from Oopsey Daisy.  She has created three differant versions of road bingo!  Such a great idea and something you could use over and over :-)

Do you love the Red, White and Blue buntings that hang on porches during the 4th?  I do . . .except when they are faded and icky HA!  Well, I saw this idea over at Homeroad and thick it would be perfect because it won't fade :-)  I would love to hang one of those on my fence!  She gives a good tutorial but I'm not sure what she means by "wooden walkway" . When I look at it, I think you could possibly use wooden shims and get a similar look (since they are thicker on one end than the other) or you could cut the wood yourself :-)

I saw this idea posted and wanted to share the link.  I don't have a picture to post with it but, Sweet Serendipity shares a bunch of camping with kids ideas that you really should check out if 1) you already camp with your kids or 2) you want to plan a fun back yard camping night with the family or 3) You are taking your first camping trip with the kids!  One idea she gives is how to create magic pine cones - she gives you the "recipe" to create the cones which will burn in pretty colors when you throw them into the fire!  This is just one of many ideas that she has :-)

Here's a simple idea from The prudent pantry to update a knife block.  I love it - and think it will go on my project list for when I finish up my kitchen.  My accent color is red so this is the perfect "what it will look like" picture!

Sunscholars has put together a ton of ideas to create to keep kids busy on trips - they are planning for a long plane trip but these would also work for any type of car trip as well. 

This cute idea for Salad from Home Spun with Love would be perfect for a picnic or a party.  Most times I skip a lettuce salad at a party because there isn't room on the little plate :-)  This would solve that problem!

Here's a twist on the Travel Bingo - this one would be great for older kids because .  . it uses Bubble Wrap.  Check out the idea over at Dukes and Duchesses.

It is week three at So you Think you're crafty and there are some cute ideas - check them all out and vote for your favorite. Can you guess mine?  (here's a clue!)

I saw this idea just as a picture on a blog so I went searching for the source through Pinterest.  I found this tutorial with printables over at Peppermint Creative. It is really a great Valentines Idea for your hubby but you could also use this as a creative gift for a friend and say "52 Reasons why I like You" or even make it a tradition to do this for your kids on their birthday - surely we can think of 52 things throughout the year to write about :-)

Get ready to drool!! Just look at this delicious treat from Six Sister's Stuff.  Now, my husband doesn't like the texture of coconut so, I guess if I make these, I'd have to eat them all :-) hehehe

Keep drooling :-) I design shares a recipe for S'more bars . .. how can you go wrong with a S'more??

 So, I have a photo wall in my house but, when I saw this idea, I just fell in love with it.  It is one of those ideas I'm tucking away to use in my next house (my house has texture walls which don't work well with vinyl!)  Check out the tutorial over at Lil Linu.

This next idea made me think of my friend Tonya.  I can see her doing something like this with boots her girls out grow and the thing is - she would make it look so adorable!!  Check out this idea from Primp.

You can tell it is summer time - there are so many great recipes and this cake takes the . . . cake :-)  A Diamond in the Stuff shared an easy tutorial for a cake that will make everyone think you slaved for hours :-)
Here is a great idea to do with your older kids to keep them entertained!  Ruby Kay shares this great idea for using your junk drawer treasures, some water, and a freezer . . .to entertain your kids for an hour.

This is such an awesome idea to have at the beach - a blanket that is a game:-)  Check out the full tutorial at Polka Dots on Parade.

Enjoy :-) 

Commenting Challenge Wrap-up

Over the past week, I participated in a great challenge from Jenna's Journey.  See, I love reading blogs; I love having being read my blog; I love when people make comments on my blog posts; I love when I see new followers; I seldom comment on other blogs . .. and always forget to click "follow" on my favorite blogs.  Do you see a problem with those statements? HA!  I love things on my blog but don't do it in return! 

Since July 4th, I've visited over 80 new blogs and commented on every single one PLUS somewhere around 80 new people visited my blog and commented too.  It made me smile!  And, did you notice - I'm now up over 50 follows and that makes me so happy too!!! 

In the midst of visiting all of those blogs I also found some new ones that attracted my attention enough to add them to my little "Blogs I follow" list.  I try to keep all of my blog lists and buttons as updated as possible.  If I notice that someone hasn't posted for 6-8 weeks, a lot of times, I remove them from my list.  I don't want to weigh down those lists too much!!  So, yes, the list grew a lot this past week  - take time to click on some and don't forget to comment on the post that caught your attention.  Oh, and comment on mine too!!!! 

Thanks Jenna for hosting this great challenge!!!  I'm not sure how long the "Linky" will be open but you can still find it on her page - check out some of those blogs as well - you may find something that attracts your attention that didn't attract mine!