Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

I'm on the lookout for great Christmas Crafts as you will see in this post :-)

This first idea from Ten Kids and a Dog is one I truly love because I can hang it on my wall for the holidays.  When I see ideas like this it makes me want to do them every year and see how their artist "flare" changes BUT we WILL do this one this year.  It's easy and my kids always want to paint!
The next idea is from Lily Fashion and is not only a great idea to do with your kids but would also make a great Sunday School gift or gift for a Christian School Party (which is what she used them for, I believe). 
Another great idea for something to hang on the wall, this one from Handprint and Footprint Art and uses one of my favorite things - Handprints of my kids!
Moving away from the Christmas craft idea for a month, I saw this tutorial over at Miss Kopy Kat and had to share.  I love these type of wreaths and I think it is probably cheaper to make one than to buy one . . ..
Finally, a great tutorial with recipes from The Pioneer Woman.
She shares a great tutorial on how to REALLY decorate Christmas cookies plus shares a tried and true recipe for sugar cookie dough.  I'll be honest, with my kids ages right now, I'll probably be using store bought cookie dough and simple frosting but I love this idea for down the road :-) 

Happy Crafting :-)