Monday, October 1, 2012

The Vacation . . Well The STAYcation! (AKA Homeschool Happenings Week 6

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Homeschool posts for a trip to Papa and Nana's and a "Stay"cation for mom and dad! 

This past week we were on vacation.  Well, we PLANNED to be on vacation but, life happened.  I would say that sometime back in June, we picked this past week for a small vacation and started planning.  This was a getaway week for just my husband and I - the kids were heading to the grandparents.  We didn't go away for our anniversary this year, like we normally do, since we had picked this past week to go on vacation.  I think I planned 5 different trips .. . Cleavland, Toledo, Chicago, The UP of Michigan, A driving tour around the Lakeshore . .. so we have LOTS of trips to take in the future.  HA!

We realized about 4 weeks ago that we couldn't go away so I then planned a two night trip to Muskegon and finally gave in to the thought that we really can't go away.  Don't feel bad - it is just the reality of being responsible :-)  We both looked at things we needed to get done around the house and couldn't justify putting money towards a trip when we really need to put that money towards other things.

Our staycation has still been enjoyable.

Monday - My husband actually is still working a few days this week so he was working.  The boys and I went to the grocery store (which they LOVE!!!) and then, I had so planned to take them to the park but it was cold and windy (the boys even said "BRRRRR, Mom" when we left the store so we just played at home.

Tuesday - The boys and I packed up the truck and headed to Papa and Nana's.  I enjoyed a great visit with my parents before leaving the boys with them and meeting two friends from High School for lunch.  We had a fabulous visit and then I headed home.

Wednesday -Today I truly enjoyed being home alone.  It was quiet.  I went and got my hair cut, treated myself to lunch, and then came home and did nothing for a bit before cleaning the living room :-)

Thursday - More of the same - I enjoyed the quiet of the house and also cleaning.  I cleaned the rest of the house and worked on toy organization!!  (I know - aren't you thrilled!).  Today is also the last day of work for my husband so we got to stay up late and watch football tonight - a rare thing since he normally has to get up at 3:00 in the morning!!  We grilled burgers and I made an awesome dessert - Caramal Apple Crisp YUM!.

Friday - This is where our REAL Staycation begins since Darryl now has the next three days off.  Originally I was going to go scrapbooking today but it got cancelled which actually worked out better.  We worked at home today - cleaning up the yard, working on the finishing touches in the boys room, and cleaning the truck.

Saturday - THIS is our day.  We knew we wanted to take one day and actually go away for the day. 
 We headed downtown Grand Rapids and had lunch at Peppino's.  It is somewhere we've been wanting to eat.  The food as ok - not great but not terrible either :-)
 Then, we walked downtown and viewed lots of Art.  Right now there is something called Art Prize downtown - there are hundreds of pieces of art on display.  We really just looked at things outside - and enjoyed the beautiful weather :-)

 Once we finished our 2+ mile walk (for real!)  we went to dinner at Red Lobster, ran a few errands (I got my "Target" fix) and stopped at Starbucks. (The Salted Caramel Mocha is to die for!!!)

It was really a fun day. :-)