Saturday, September 4, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 25

My picture of the day - my canning :-)  Salsa, Pickles, Jam and Beets! Aren't they pretty?? As we hit the last official weekend of summer, this seemed to be like the perfect thing to see - all the evidence of another great summer!!

Things That I am Loving

I was thinking today about things that I am loving and I thought I would share. 

1) Cool weather!  If you look close you will see the cloudy sky and damp ground.  After being in the 90's and humid just a few days ago the 60 degree, cold, windy day was VERY enjoyable. 

2. Mocha Frappes!!  I love these every day LOL  I got hooked on McDonald's Frappe's by accident.  I was going through the drive through and they had an extra one so they gave it to me.  I figured I wouldn't like it since it is coffee but I took one drink and was hooked.  I have since found a couple of recipes for homemade versions but nothing is quite as good as the real thing.  I splurged tonight and bought one - it is a rare treat.

3) My Spice Rack!  I know this seems odd but there is a story behind this one.  My husband bought this for me several years ago and I loved it.  Recently, in order to declutter my kitchen I decided to get rid of this and just put my spices in the cupboard.  Well, I moved it to the garage with garage sale things . . .but every day I was going out there to get a spice LOL  (I hadn't cleaned it out yet)  So I moved it back inside this past weekend and today I washed the jars, peeled off the old labels and have them drying so I can fill them back up tomorrow.  I'm so glad to have it back :-)

4) September!  Why?  There are many reasons but one of them is that all the TV shows we love start over :-)  Looking forward to some good laughs with a couple new comedy's and a few old ones too.  Not to mention all our reality shows.  I love DVR - we record all our shows and watch them when we have time.

5) The Stripe on my bathroom wall!  This is a preview to the "new and improved" bathroom.  I can't post pictures yet because there are still some small things left but every time I go in there, I smile a little because I just love the stripe.  I got the exact feel I wanted - relaxing and peaceful. 

6. My Candles!  Yep, it is that time of year.  I lit this candle for the first time since spring and it smells SOOOOO good!  I love the smell and how it looks when I have candles lit; it brings such a comforting appearance and makes everything seem so much warmer.  My favorite is in the middle of winter, when there is a good snow happening - the candles just make me feel so good!!

7.  Football!  I L O V E football!  I start watching with the first preseason game and watch all I can all season long.  I cheer for the Lions despite the fact that they seldom win; I play fantasy football and love it; and I plan special snacks for during the games; we celebrate the opening Sunday and Superbowl Sunday.  AND this year, I will get to watch College Ball too!  My husband works on Saturdays so I'll have the games on.  It isn't that he doesn't like it - he gets overloaded on football and really enjoys pro so we quit watching college.  Just one last thing to say . . Are YOU ready for some football???? 

8.  Cookies!!!!  I posted a link recently for a Christmas Cookie Challenge and when I saw this Magazine today I had to get it.  It has a ton of Christmas cookie recipes in it and since they are from Paula Dean I know they will be good and won't be too weird.  She has gotten weird but her recipes are still pretty good LOL  It seemed odd to see this in the checkout today though especially since it says to only keep on shelves until October??  Still, I felt like I had find a little gem today :-)

Do you have things that are making you smile right now?  Take time to enjoy those little things and don't overlook something as simple as a Frappe - we need those little pick-me-ups