Thursday, January 10, 2013

Topical Study and What I'm Reading

I posted (HERE) about my Topical Study for the year - "Raising Conscientious kids".  I went on a search for books to read to help with my Topical Study.  Really, ultimately, this will make me be a better mom.  As I become a better mom, my kids will also become "better" and grow in ways I want them to grow.  Isn't it funny that when we want others to change we actually have to change ourselves and learn how to become the person who can HELP those we want to help.  This is really a long list of books I want to read this year.  I tend to read these in "paper form" instead of on my Kindle because, honestly, I will always pick the "fun" book I'm reading on my Kindle verses the "educational" book.

This list is in no particular order.

I know what you are thinking - there is no way I will get all of these read this year and guess what?  You are probably right but I wanted to plug all of these into this one post for easy reference.  I promise to share what I read; truths that I learn; how we implement new ideas and what works (and what doesn't!)  

I may come back and add more to this list throughout the year if I find some more new titles I'd like to check out so I will always try to remember to link back to this original post anytime I'm referencing the Topical Study or one of the books.