Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Menu - The one with Camping included

This week starts our camping adventures for the summer.  We've been looking forward to this since last year!  This first weekend we are camping with my Aunt and Uncle whom I love (which is a good thing!).  We are only camping about 5 minutes from home (it is nice having a state campground in your backyard) which is great - we can set up the camping and kinda get it set for the summer all at the same time.  So, here's the plan for the week

Friday - Hamburgers and Fries (I know, it's taco night . . but keep reading, we are having tacos a different night!)

Saturday - Darryl cooks :-)  Whether it be pizza or fast food - he'll bring something home.

Sunday - First day of camping :-)  Dinner the first night has to be easy and "fast".  The work it takes to set up the camping spot makes me very ready to sit down and not do food.  So, my plan is tacos.  (I know, it's not Friday HA!)  I can throw the taco meat in the crock pot when we first pull in and the whole time we are setting up it can be heating up.  That way, when we are done and ready to eat, it's ready for us! 

Monday - Memorial Day!  We have our standard camping breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast/bagels.  Lunch will be simple after a bigger breakfast.  I'm just planning cheese, crackers, and meat.  Finally, dinner.  I"m guessing we'll be eating with my Aunt and Uncle so I'm sure we will do hot dogs, salads, chips and all that fun stuff.  A lot of times we marinate steak and cook it on Kabobs so I might have some on hand (I can always pan fry it for dinner when we get home on Tuesday).

Tuesday - We'll enjoy breakfast at the campground of cereal, toast and bagels before packing up.  My plan is just have sandwiches for lunch once we unload.  Then, honestly, we'll either have leftovers from the weekend like Tacos or Steak OR if there isn't enough left over, we will probably get Little Ceasers since it is so cheap.

Wednesday - It's T-ball night!  I'm going to try out Slow Cooker Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs served with Spaghetti and garlic bread.  I'm really, really trying to use the crock pot much more this summer. 

Thursday - And, it's practice night! Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini.  I think might kids might actually like this but, I'll have something I know they love as a back up to make sure no one goes hungry.  Like . . great yeast rolls :-)