Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goals For October

The Home

1.  Deep clean the Bathroom/Basement - True story - when my husband and I both worked full time and didn't have kids, we split up the house cleaning and did it on Saturday morning.  My husbands job was to clean the bathroom and I did everything else.  That is how much I dislike cleaning the bathroom.  It was always spotless.  I miss that HA! So what do I actually want to get done?  Check this list: Truth - none of this got done.  I've pushed the basement off until the winter (so probably January) and the bathroom, it's clean, just not deep cleaned.
a)Clean up the storage cupboard and make a list of what items need to be restocked
b) Scrub the entire shore (I highly dislike really cleaning the shower!)
c) Scrub down the toilet, sink and counter
d) Scrub the floor
e) Wipe down the walls, baseboards, and light switches
f) Wipe down the knick knacks and wall art
g) Clean the windows and make sure they are "winterized" (Screens, storm windows ect)
h) Clean the light fixtures.
a) Clean the playroom side including dusting the book shelves, picking up toys, vacuuming the floor and make sure everything has a "home"
b) Clean the laundry room including the floor, wiping down the washer/dryer, putting away the stuff that gets stashed in that room and getting rid of the cobwebs
c) Clean the main area of the basement including getting rid of cobwebs, trying to sell a few items on line, putting away odds and ends and vacuuming (shop vac time!)

2. I know that last month I said I would do the outside stuff but, well, September kind of got warm and I don't do yard work in the heat.  So here is the plan for this month (and the weather is perfect!)
 a) Clean out all of the weeds, dead flowers, and junk from all of the flower beds. This is half done - still need to rake and clean up a little - it's on the goals for November
b) Clean up the sandbox and put the toys away Same as abaove
c) Get rid of the OLD kiddie pool (probably should have done that months ago HA)
d) Plant some bulbs/flowers my MIL is giving me at the end of the month
e) Put away the summer stuff such as the swing, table, and outdoor toys. 

3. The garage will also get done this month and we already accomplished one task.  The couch and keyboard were picked up by the trash folks this past Thursday!  Now here is everything else:
a) Replace burned out light bulbs (Now that it is dark later/earlier we really need the lights!)
b) Clean around the garage -basically, I will start in one corner and work my way around the garage going through every bin and box and cleaning stuff out/reorganizing.  We have a shelf to get rid of that is about ready to fall over so I need to make sure everything has a home!
c) Winterize the camper DONE
d) Clean out the truck and oil Nate's door (he can't close it by himself because it is so hard to close!) DONE

4. Misc items in the home
a) Do the final switch of the winter/summer clothes.  I store the out of season clothes in the basement to keep our closets a little less cluttered so it is time to make the switch.  Done as of 10/08/14
b) "Winterize" the house.  Basically I need to make sure that all of the screens/storm windows are put in the windows, the front door is sealed better at the bottom and other odd and ends like that.  

1. Planning -  I've found that using our Friday afternoons "off" is my best planning time.  It gives me time to copy pages, review instructional pages for the next week and make sure all of our supplies are ready.
2. Extra activities - Now that the weather is getting cooler, I want to plan a few extra fun activities for the holidays.  It sounds great as a goal . . .now I just need to do it HA!
3.  Cooking - Josh has a true interest in cooking so I would like to come up with some recipes for him to make.  He made bread recently and was so proud at dinner time when we ate something he made.
4.  Sign the boys up for Swim lessons - our next PE adventure.This has been postponed until January

I'm actually pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far!  . 
1. Scrapbook to completion October and November 2013 Done!
2. Because this involves photos - Our living room will be decorated as a lake Cottage feel once we are done with it so I want to find some of our favorite Beach photos and print them so I can frame them for the walls.
3. Update the Boys birthday albums which includes actually making albums
4. Create my first blog book from my first year blogging.  On a side note, in updating my recipe index I had fun reading through old posts and found some things I had forgotten about - to have that in print would be awesome!

I love a Misc. category because I can put anything in this category and it's ok! I have worked on all of these items but they are still in process.
1. Birthday Plans - I have the plan, I've even picked up a few things for this and need to wrap this up in the next week so it is ready to start 7 days before Josh's birthday
2. Christmas Plans - I want to go through my board on Pinterest for Christmas ideas and pick out what I really want to use this year.    Plus it is time to work on some Christmas ideas for the boys.
3. Quite Time - Have my daily devotions - spending time in the word.  I feel like I need to find a new, deeper, Bible study to go along with the S.O.A.P study I do with a group.
4. Work on Reading goals - I have three books I'd like to get read this month!
5. Piano - now that I have a piano again (which I love) I have my book of music I put together in the spring and want to work through those songs.  My goal is the first three songs in the book this month