Monday, July 7, 2014


You know that moment when you have everything planned perfectly and then . . .you realize you got the date wrong?  Yep.  Been there, did that, this week.  When we left the hospital a week ago Sunday the nurse told us that Darryl had a post-op appointment on MONDAY July 8th.  I set everything up - my parents bringing the boys home on Monday by 10:00 so that my mom could watch the kids I babysit and we could head into town for the appointment.  Well, on Sunday evening I glanced at the calender and realized that the 8th is . . .Tuesday.  Uuuuggg!!  Oh well, the boys are still coming home on Monday and I had to send a text to my friends to let them know that, after three weeks off, I needed Tuesday off too.  oops! 

Reality starts today.  Back into having our friends here every day to play.  Back to having my kids home (yeah!).  Back to keeping up with a schedule and not sleeping in (or taking naps mid afternoon since we didn't always sleep well at night). 

I really don't mind reality - we have fun during the day and now Darryl will be home for a month or so with us too.  Along with reality comes the simple fact that I will remember to write blog posts and actually take time in the evenings to write them!  I even have some planned :-) 

For today though, I will enjoy having my kids home, getting to hear their stories, listen to their laughter, and here them say, "Mom?  Mom?  I have something to tell you.  Mom? Mom? Listen . . .I love you mom!"  :-)