Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Book Advent - Week 2

December 9
Since "Mooseltoe" was checking everything off of his list - we made a simple little Christmas decor craft that I picked up at Michael's a few weeks ago :-)
 Josh's Wreath :-)
Nate's Wreath :-)
December 10:
This book goes through the Alphabet with lots of fun things . . .I liked Jingle Bells so we did a fun craft from

The boys enjoyed this project - they each had their own sheet of stickers along with some left over foam stickers from Monday to decorate their Jingle Bell Cups.  It surprised me that Nate enjoyed this project the most - he used every last sticker up (His is the cup on the left!)

December 11
My original plan was to make pine cone Christmas Trees but I came up dry on pine cones - shoot, I couldn't even order them on Amazon because they were sold out!  My boys have been begging to paint and I've been wanting to do Q-Tip painting so I figured we would paint Christmas trees.  Josh loved this craft and ended up making two trees.  Nate "got tired" and wanted me to paint for him (which just means he is done!)

 Nate's Christmas Trees . . .
Josh's Christmas Trees - paint is Josh's friend!

December 12
And this is real life . .. I didn't feel like doing anything today so instead of doing my orignally planned craft . . I pulled out another purchase from Micheals.  These were Scratch Ornaments . . except you can't see the scratch part because once the boys scratched off all of the black part they covered it all up with the foam stickers.  They did love doing the scratch off part though :-)

December 13
Naturally, we decorated Gingerbread men today (and then ate some!)

 My cookie :-)
 Josh's plate of sprinkles . .. I mean his cookie HA!

Nate's cookie - yes, there are Halloween Sprinkles on this cookie too!