Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Hard to believe it is the official start of Summer!  
Before I say anything else I need to say one thing:
Happy Birthday to my Mom!!
It is her birthday today and she is actually at my house "celebrating"!  
What are your plans? 
Today, my parents are here helping us replace a porch and enjoying some family time.
The kids are going home with them and my husband and I are enjoying a couple of days of doing whatever we want at home.  
My plans?  I have a few crafts on my radar to finish up; I want to do some very minor landscaping (mulch, some annuals to look pretty in my garden area and maybe a few veggie plants.); the basement.  Yes, you read that right.  I want to get the basement done - or at least a chunk of it.  No kids, no pressure, no hot and muggy days - this is the time to do it. 
We, as in my husband and I, want to get the covering on the play scape and clean out the garage. 
With that said, I'm taking a much needed blogging break and don't plan to have anything posted until Tuesday.  So enjoy your holiday and lets get ready for summer!!!