Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Too Cute Not to Toot!!!

Welcome back after a great 4th of July weekend!  We had a bonus - my husband had Friday off . . .actually he was on call but didn't get called in so he got to stay home!  Part of our weekend was spent with my parents and part of it was spent at home - perfect!!! 

There is a fun little challenge going on over at Jenna's Journey, one of the blogs that I follow.  She is doing a comment challenge that started on Monday (7/4) where, basically, a bunch of us linked up and you are challenged to comment on 10 blogs over the next 7 days.  Pretty cool!  It's a great way to check out some new blogs and maybe even find some new sites to add to your blog roll.  Feel free to check out the links for yourself. 

If you are visiting from this Comment Challenge - this is a weekly post that I put up.  I search lots of linky party for great ideas - some that I want to make, some I wish I could make, some are unique and some just make me scratch my head!!!  I always give credit where credit is due and include a link back to the creative post!  I started this post because I needed an easy way to track all of the creative ideas I want to copy make myself and, yes, I have made a few - I just don't have enough time to make everything!

I'm starting with food again - I must admit that I do not like Mt. Dew but these cupcakes looked to cute to pass up.  Get the full scoop over at Nothing But Country.  They are perfect right down to the icing!
Also from Nothing but Country, is a great idea for a cupcake stand.  I don't own one yet and really like this whole idea and the look of the stand!
In a recent Too Cute post, I shared an idea for a beach bag using window screen.  Here is another tutorial, this one from Funky polka dot giraffe, using a beach towel.  I love it!!!
Have you seen the Alphabet Photography ideas?  I love them and would love to get our family name done . . .when I saw this idea from Lines Across My face,  I fell in high like :-)  What a creative idea to use items you own to create the letters to make a perfect alphabet book for your kids! 

When I saw this idea over at The Idea Room I drooled HA!  What a great way to eat a Smore!

The Mini-Star Pies are such a cute idea from A Pumpkin and a Princess.  She posted them for the 4th but they would be great at Christmas time too or just for something fun to make with your kids on any day of the week.

Yes, I know the 4th is done (if only by one day) but  . .. there are still some great ideas for next year showing up!  Check out this easy idea from Projects Just For Me.

 I know, in post Too Cute posts, I've shared ideas for homemade bibs but I don't think I've shared a pocket bib idea.  Check out this idea (and tutorial) from over at Just Another Hangup .
Back to 4th of July ideas - this quilted wall hanging is a great idea.  Check all of the info over at Love Affair with my Brother (and no, I will not explain the name - head over to the blog and I think you'll figure it out. . . .if not, leave a comment and I'll explain it!!)
I believe it was last Tuesday that I shared a post about a ribbon topiary . . .so these stars would be a perfect addition to go with that creation.  Check out the tutorial over at Nat Macs Knick Knacks.
The last item I'm going to post today is amazing.  Honestly, I will never do this personally - I'm not that good HA!, but, some of you may want to because you have amazing talent.  If even you don't - check out the full post over at Becoming Martha just to check out what she did and how she did it!
Isn't that just the coolest thing?

So, that's all for this week.  As always, there are tons of ideas out there in blogland, these are just a few that caught my attention!