Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things My Kids Say

* I think it is adorable that my boys like to carry purses and "get clean" (i.e. use my make up brushes).  Why?  Because it drives my husband insane LOL  I have started calling my purse a "bag" instead of a purse though because, well, they are boys. 

* Josh has a new nick name for Nate - He calls him "Net" when he is just having a conversation with him.  "Net, come here and play with me".  Ironically, Nate doesn't tell him that isn't his name yet if we call him anything other than Nate or Nathan, he says "I'm not cutie, I'm Nate". 

* We are working on pro-nouns . .. when I ask Josh where Nate is he'll respond with, "I'll go get her mom"  :-)

*At the ages that they are, my kids often mis-hear how to pronouce words which makes it lots of fun!!

A Tape Measure = Temperture (Say tape measure really fast . . .it kind of sounds like that!)
BO = Radio
Madison (one of our babysitters) = Medicine.

*The boys have been told that they cannot go into the back half of the basement - that is where Darryl's work area is so we don't want them in there. One day this week, when Josh told me he had to go downstairs, I reminded him to stay out of the work side . . but then he proceeded to explain to me that it wasn't his fault if he did because if the Spiders run in there he has to follow them. Seriously? HA!