Monday, November 18, 2013

Homeschool Corner

This is how our week went:

1) Monday - My kids were unexpectedly at my in-laws from Friday-Monday.  I also didn't babysit on Monday so no school!

2) Tuesday - My parents were here so I could go scrapbooking and then take my husband to the doctor. No school!  (Well, Josh helped Papa do some work so what better "class" is that?)

3) Wednesday - Seriously, I needed to clean my house.  It was insane.  Josh helped me clean the bathroom - that is learning right there! 

4) Thursday - My mom was over again so I could Darryl in for an Ultrasound so no class once again. 

5) Friday - Ended up taking the kids to meet my mom during the early afternoon so they could stay at my parents for the weekend as my husband was scheduled for a CT scan on Saturday morning. 

I was even 60% ready for preschool last week  . ... oh well.  Good thing my kids are smart ;-) 

With that said, I've spent some time over the last few days working on Christmas plans for the kids.  I'd like to do some fun Holiday based units (Like Polar Express and then watch the movie!) and some holiday crafts and treats.  Added to that is our book a day that ties in with a craft and reading through the How the Grinch Stole Christmas as our advent Calendar.    Added to that, it is REALLY time to start some chores around here.  Nothing big - but we need to add some little habits for the boys :-)