Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Fun - Leaping and Games

February brought Leap Year!  I saw a great idea where you take a photo of the kids "leaping" in the air.  Well, back when I took my photography class a few years ago I knew how to get the motion shot but I couldn't remember how to do the settings exactly so this was my attempt.  The idea is to do this every leap year and it will show how much the kids have grown.

Obviously we needed more light.  I've worked on this skill since then and have gotten some other "leaping photos"

The boys love to play games, especially with Darryl.  They got Clue Jr for Christmas and finally got a chance to play it with their dad. 

They also love to build and I usually have to take photos of their creations before they knock them down.  They were busy building with their Lincoln logs and created a whole ranch.  It was pretty cool.  And so were these cool kids.

Of course, sometimes I just take pictures of our cat.