Saturday, August 29, 2015

Family Fun - Safety Seminiar

This fall I'm slowly re-introducing the boys into our homeschool group (wow, that sounds deep HA).  Really, I just decided to try and take advantage of some opportunities that fit our schedule instead of trying to make the Co-Op schedule work for us.  The group recently hosted a Safety seminar of sorts where the kids got to see all kinds of safety people from Detectives to a K-9 Unit to Life EMS.  Needless to say, they had a lot of fun!

 These three boys!  They have been buddies for 5 years.  They fight like brothers but would defend each other to any one else.  I'm glad the Munchkin was able to come with us to this event too!
 Nervous habits are hard to break.  The kids were broken into groups by age so Josh was without his buddies.  He ended up in a group with all girls except for one very shy, quiet boy.  Poor kid HA!
 Nate listening to the Detective.  Nate kept trying to tell the guy he was going to be just like him when he grows up but the Detective wasn't that great with 4-5 year olds :-) 
 The K-9 Unit was a big hit.  The dog was awesome - such a beauty!

 The officer let the kids turn on the siren and talk in the walkie talkie too.  He was really awesome.

 The EMS guy was the best guy there.  He had this dry sense of humor that only the adults got but he was so fabulous with the kids.  There was no way Nate was going to get strapped into anything but he loved watching the princess get strapped in (and she loved it too!)
 Josh, on the other hand, loved it all.

They all got to shoot the firehose too.  What boy wouldn't love holding onto that huge hose and soaking everything in sight?