Saturday, May 18, 2013

A guest post - Father's Day Ideas

I am pleased to welcome the very first guest post to this little blog by Brittany from Razorback Britt.  She is here today to share some great ideas for Father's day.  So, welcome Brittany! 

Father’s day is quickly approaching. I am now a grown woman, but I still struggle with what to get my dad. I don’t have kids yet, but man, it will be tough to figure out gifts for my dad and my husband.  Today, Darryl is letting me share this space to give you some ADORABLE Father’s day ideas that I’ve found online.
My dad is definitely the family handy man.  If the dad in your life is the hammer-wielding type, he would probably love this nuts and bolts frame from Kaboose.  Super easy to make (you could even use a frame you already had!).

Another frame idea (because every dad wants more pictures of his adorable kids!) is to use Scrabble tiles!  I found a Scrabble game for cheap at a thrift shop, and I’ve been using the tiles for projects for a while now.  You could put any words on the Scrabble frame.  The sample from All Free Kids Crafts shows “My Hero”, but you could do anything, including something like “Dada” or whatever your kiddo calls him.

If the father in your life loves to snack, why not give him a man bouquet full of treats?  I saw this one on Pinterest, it is just snacks glued to sticks and placed in a mug.  I love the mustache and bowtie finishing touches! 

Or if dad loves soda (several dads that I work with regularly bring 12 packs to work to drink), why not show him he is tops with some printable soda labels? Oopsey Daisy gives you adorable printable that you can attach to dad’s favorite drink.

I hope you found some inspiration for your Father’s Day gifts!

Brittney is a blogger, Zumba instructor, wanna-be crafter, and moving specialist at U-Pack. She specializes in social media, decorating, fitness and holidays.