Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too Cute Not To "Toot"

I'm having a lot of fun working on crafts and projects lately, but, of course, that just makes me search harder for some more awesome ideas!!

One of my 40x40 goals is to make an apron (I've ruined so many clothes in the kitchen - never used to but it seems I cook a lot more and just get dirty!).  This post gives links to some basics about making an apron - I kinda like it :-)  Check out the post here.
I thought that this little post it note holder at A little Knick Knack was super cute.  It would really add a neat touch to a work desk.  When I used to work ;-) I liked to add touches of home to my work space to make it feel a little more relaxing.

This is a "cooking" craft from Mrs. Happy Homemaker and all I can say is, "Seriously"?  Wow.  Bacon stuffed French Toast AND it has a cream cheese filling.  Wow - this is going on our menu very, very soon and I don't even like French Toast LOL

Here's a great idea for a simple Valentines Gift from It's a Crafty Life

I'm a sucker for kids hand print projects - they make great Holiday art work for the walls!  Check out this great idea from Cleanandscentsible

Ok, I LOVE this idea - I'm working on some ideas for my kitchen - to make it function as an entry way AND a kitchen (since that is what it really is) and was just going to do the standard cooling rack sitting in a sheet pan to put shoes on but this is so much more adorable! Check on this idea also from Cleanandscentsible.

Here's a great centerpiece idea for a birthday party - I think it could also be converted to use at showers or other parties as well.  Check out the easy tutorial at Primitiveandproper

I love these paper hearts from smilemonsters.  They would look so cute hanging up in corners of the house - I know my kids loved seeing ornaments hang from the ceiling and I have some left over Valentines Paper too . . . .

I love books and I love Monograms for decor - so this idea from Littlethingsbringsmiles is just perfect!  It would look fantastic on my family photo wall.

 And I think I'll end with this last gift idea from mmscrapshoppe for Diaper and Washcloth cupcakes.  Something a little differant - they would also make a cute gift box embellishment instead of doing a batch of 24 :-)