Saturday, February 12, 2011

Creative Memories Spotlight

It is time for something new!  Each week I plan on sharing with you some of my favorite Creative Memory Products.  Don't worry, for all that are "non-scrapbookers" there are plenty of other things to look at and use too!  This week, I'm going to start with one of those very items and one of my surprise favorites.

Magnetic Everyday Display

For me, this was one of those items that I saw in the catalog when it first came out and loved but was unsure of how to use!  Than I got one as a gift for a baby shower and fell in love with it.  I actually have two of them in my home - one in each of the boys rooms and I use them like this:
 Each month I order pictures for my father in law and I also update the boards in the boys room with our favorite pictures
I use one of the clips that are included to hang a Detroit Tigers hat that we purchased for Josh before he was born.

The boards come in three colors. The white shown above; black and brown (shown below)  Each board comes with 6 magnets, 6 clothespins and a ribbon and hanging medallion that matches the color of the board.  The board can also be hung without the ribbon as I have shown in the pictures from my boys' rooms.  They frame measures 18 x18 with the mat on the inside measuring 13 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches.

The boards make fantastic gifts for baby showers, weddings, graduations and Christmas.  I gave my mom one a few years ago and she uses hers to display the latest pictures of the grand kids as well.  For those of you who are avid digital scrapbookers - you can create a 12 x12 page each month of your favorite photos and send one to each grandparent to put on their board; they would than have that page to slip into a picfolio album and, at the end of the year, have a reminder of all of those favorite memories throughout the past year!  What great gift ideas :-)

The cost for each board is $52.00 and it is more than worth the cost. 

February Special
There are several specials going on during the month of February and 2 of the items are perfect matches for the Display Boards.
The Baby Boy Display Accents which retails normally for $18.00 and is on sale for this month only for $10.80.


The Baby Girl Display Accents which also normally retails for $18.00 but is on sale for this month only for $10.80.

And, of course, you can use both of the above items for your regular scrapbooking even if you don't have the display board.  It would be a great way to pick up some themed items for all of you new moms to use in your scrapbooks for a fraction of the normal price. 

For other sale items during the month of February check out this Flyer:

And feel free to check out my NEW website for other specials and clearance items.  Now it is so much easier to order - just go right to my site and order there!  Please contact me with questions.

If you have questions feel free to ask!

Happenings in the House

This week, my cat Misty immediately took over the new basket I put in our launch pad area.  She fits perfectly in the basket, doesn't she?

We made some Valentines for each other this week.  It was Nate's first time to color and yes, he likes to eat the crayons.  

 We had a little water issue this week - I moved a humidifier from the boys room to the living room and it over flowed not once, not twice, but three time.  It has now been moved to the garbage.  But there is more to this picture.  Notice ALL the empty squares.  I had a helper (I only moved the one basket that needed moved) My helper moved all of the baskets . . . . .

 to the kitchen.
 where he proceeded to play for hours.  Than, he put all of the things back in the baskets (like things together, of course) and moved them back to the bin :-)  Such a good helper he is!
 And than on Friday night we gave out "Heart Attacks" which were actually FUN!  I had cut out a bunch of hearts and we each made some to stick on a door assigned to each person.  (Somehow I ended with the bathroom door . . I wonder what that means?)
 Nate colored one for each of us (aka known as "No pants Nate")
 Josh made one for Nate (learning to share crayons is REALLY hard)
 But he was more interested in the scissors.  (Don't worry, they aren't sharp - they are decorative so it would take a lot to cut anything, including the paper!)
And here is one of the doors!  I look forward to this getting to be a bigger activity that lasts for weeks in February as the boys get older.  We can all sneak hearts on each others door through the weeks leading up to Valentines :-)

That's how our week went!  It seemed to be a busier week and I didn't get quite as many every day pictures but some weeks are like that, aren't they?