Friday, June 21, 2019

Weekly Menu

Welcome to another week of eating!  This is a pretty quiet week coming up.  Summer seems to be running a little slow this year which is actually kind of nice.  I have a feeling though that July is going to come and surprise us all!

Friday - Crock-pot Ziti and Garlic Bread

Saturday - I think we might grill . .. maybe :-)

Sunday - So, VBS starts tonight at church so we need to leave home by 5:25.  That means that meals have to kid friendly and easy.  Tacos it is!

Monday - We have VBS for Josh and TKD for Nate.  Pizza and Mac and Cheese makes everyone happy

Tuesday - VBS!  Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Wednesday - VBS! Spaghetti :-)

Thursday - VBS! Pizza and Mac and Cheese (again) because it's the boys favorites :-)

Now, looking at this menu, it is possible that Darryl and I might treat ourselves out one night (Like $5.00 box meals from Taco Bell HA!)  since the kids will have to eat at 5:00 every night.