Saturday, November 14, 2015

Family Fun - Carving Pumpkins

This is the first year that the boys really were excited about carving pumpkins.  They had both picked out a good size pumpkin when we went to the Orchard a week or so prior . . .they also had two small pumpkins from our field trip. 

 Well, Josh was very attached to his big pumpkin so, he picked out his little one to carve.  That big pumpkin is now the centerpiece in my dining room on the table . . .
Nate 100% completely designed his pumpkin face.  He had the whole thing planned out in his head before we even sat down.
Darryl was given the task of carving out Nate's design.  Nate tried to help clean out his pumpkin but, well, he has a weak stomach . . . he was totally grossed out!

Josh, on the other hand, loved cleaning out his pumpkin!
Hard at work getting the perfect face.
 Josh also designed his pumpkin face and I carved it out - thankfully he kept it simple!
Nate and his pumpkin .  He loved his design!
 Checking them out and looking at the candles.
Our friendly pumpkins :-)  We loved lighting them every night for a week.  So much fun!