Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Post of Randomness

I have a bunch of randomness to share so what better way to do it than in a random post :-) 

1.  Reaping Fruit Veggies - You may remember that I planted my first garden back in June.  Between the dog and kids plus my lack of watering, I wasn't sure what would happen but, when I checked on it on Sunday evening this is what I found :
Do you know what that is?  It's a cucumber :-)  Do you want to know what's funny?  I didn't even know I planted cucumbers.  Seriously.  I thought I planted peppers.  Which did; just not as many as I thought. HA!  Guess what I had for lunch on Monday?  This lone cucumber :-)  It was very tasty.  I noticed today that some of my tomatoes (yes I knew I planted those) are turning red . . .we'll be tasting those soon! 

2. Planning Tot Time - Due to a very busy weekend, I didn't work on anything for our fall tot time.  Knowing that I need to get busy in order to have things ready, I made up a calendar that looks like this:
Basically, I just listed what to get done each week - either planning or preparing.  If I stick to my plan I'll have through the end of the year planned and ready by mid-October.  I've been thinking about our schedule.  I'm really leaning towards doing circle time during lunch - my boys are late sleepers so trying to do it at breakfast isn't going to work.  (Trust me, I love letting them sleep!)  I'm planning on trying to get Bible and ABC time done in the morning with all the boys; than do reading/math in the afternoon with just Josh. 

3. Simplify -  You'll notice very quickly that I love lists and planning . .. .
Isn't it awesome?  This is my simplify plan for August.  The "X"ed out days are dates where we already have plans so nothing will get done.  I than took my most recent list, and plugged each item into the calendar.  This will (hopefully) keep me focused on what needs to get done.  I'm REALLY hoping for some nicer weather (not the 90's plus humidity = 105 degree days) because it is easier to work when you don't sweat just standing up. 

4. "Mommywood" - I've only seen this advertised but there is a special on Wednesday night talking about how the top celebrity moms "get everything done".  I'll tell you how they do it - with their nanny's, trainers, chef's, housekeepers, and money to purchase anything they want (or need!) Seriously.  This is a special? 

5. My kids - My boys are adorable, if I say so myself but this is why they aren't normally allowed free range in the kitchen :
 Yep, the clean out all of the drawers . . what fun! 
 Nate decided that he wanted some "peeper" to draw on :-)  I love that little face.  He is quickly becoming a little boy instead of a toddler.  I've been watching him - sometimes he walks like an old man, all bent over with his arms out . . until his arms touch the ground, than he does a somersault.  He makes me laugh every day.  His new word is "nooooh"  (no) .  Nate also LOVES to walk through the house yelling MOMMMMYYYYYY at the top of his lungs.
I know it is hard to see but this is Josh sitting at his desk.  He has a thing for lights right now.  He wanted his desk light and dresser light turned on; but his big light turned off.  He will go around the house and ask to have all of the lights turned on too.  He is also turning into a little man . . .tonight he helped me clean up and put away everything I asked.  He favorite new word is "Puke" (as in, blah, I puked momma)  You have to read my post about the reunion to understand why he has this word in his vocabulary!  This little boy loves his Papa.  When we left my parents house on Sunday, he cried for the first 15 minutes just asking for Papa over and over and over.  So very sad :-(

6. Some new Blogs - Just by chance I came across two now blogs that look creatively neat. 

First up is Meet the dubiens.  One thing that really caught my eye was her "Fun with Food Friday" posts.  Check on the most recent post:
Isn't that so adorable?  I looked through quite a few of these types of posts and noticed that most of the ideas are pretty simple.  I know, I know, I've talked about all of the fun ways to do food before and currently am doing my boring "same thing every week" idea (which works out perfectly, by the way) but I also like the creative ideas . . .maybe I'll try them again soon!  She also shares lots of craft and food ideas on this blog as well.

The second one is The Generous Wife.  This blog/site contains daily ways/tips/tricks to help make your marriage all it can be.  I read through several posts - she has some really simple things that can make a big differance.  She also gives links (it appears to happen once a week) of some other great blog posts/articles that she has found throughout the week.  I read several of those too - really great stuff.

Well, I was thinking I had more random thoughts but that is all I can think of for now :-)