Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekly Menu

It's June, well almost but it is close enough to say it is and this weeks menu crosses over into June.  That is just crazy.  Not much to add this week so I'll get right to the menu.  Now that my husbands stomach is doing better, I went through my recipe binders, cleaned them out and put everything back where it belongs.  As I was doing that I had an idea of creating a "Summer Cooking" binder which will hold the recipes we just use in the summer (or maybe I should say would not hold any recipes we DON'T use!)  It is something I could create this summer as I cook and then have on hand for next summer and years forward.  Just an idea in my head.  I also need to get working on those freezer meals - Freezer Jams count as freezer meals, right? :-) hahaha 

Friday - Tacos.  Plain, old fashioned tacos with all of the fixin's!

Saturday - Beef Drip Sandwiches, Chips and Mac and Cheese

Sunday - Now that the weather is warming up, I don't like leaving dinner in the oven during church - my kitchen gets so hot!  Grilling after church doesn't really work either since it takes so long to get food on the table.  So, what to do, what to do?  I'm leaning towards going to get burgers somewhere like Smashburger, or Red Robin.

Monday -BBQ Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad and Rolls

Tuesday - Brats, Beans, Potato Salad YUM! 

Wednesday - Breakfast!  I think I'll pull the Waffle Maker out and make homemade waffles with bacon and hashbrowns.

Thursday - Soccer is still happening so grabbing dinner after the game is our little "tradition".