Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Worship Wednesday - Lead Me

Last week, I heard a song on the radio called "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real. I quickly wrote down the name and finally had a chance today to look up the group.  The song is great - it talks about a Wife who needs her husband to lead, Children who need their Daddy to lead and the prayer of a Husband and Father to God to help him be the man he needs to be.  The words are strong but it goes further than that.  Check out their website ( There is a video that gives the story behind the song and there is also a "book" you can click on with the "Lead Me" prayers. A Prayer for Husband, A Prayer for your children and grandchildren, and A Prayer for Wives.  I love when Songwriters have a reason behind their songs and this is truely a great reason. 

Lead me is now the top song on my play list.

Good Morning Girls

In my search of blogs, I came across one called Women Living Well ( ) that was pretty interesting.  I noticed one item she posted about was the Good Morning Girls group.

  It is an accountability group of friends who e-mail each other every morning to check in on their daily devotions. I thought it sounded like a good idea and before I had time to try and "convict" people into joining a group, she set up a website where you could connect with women all around the world to set up accountability group.  That is what I did :-)  I've met up with 9 (I think that is what we are at now) women.  As we shared backgrounds, we found that we all come from some very different backgrounds which makes us very well-rounded.  Feel free to click the button on the side of my blog to read more about this opportunity.

I wanted to share what I'm working on in my devotions right now.
First, I am Reading a daily devotional book called Today is the First Day which deals a lot with loving yourself as your are and being a light for God even with your uniqueness.  It has been on my shelf for years and I figured now was a good time to start it.  For my Bible Reading, I am using the Woman's Devotional Bible (2) and reading the daily passage along with the daily devotional.  The "A New Day" is actually my journal for where I record what I learn.  Than there my prayer journal.  I'm also, as part of the 40 goals by 40, starting my journey of reading through the Bible so I have my Bible for that with the spreadsheet.  Finally, the book on the top, Miracles by Karen Kingsbury, is a weekly devotional that I plan on using on Sundays in place of everything else to add some variety.  In case you are worried this is too much, to do everything each day only takes about 20 minutes :-)