Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Papa's Special Gift

Once again, now that Christmas is done and gone, I can post about the crafts that I made for special gifts. 

One day, while wasting time enjoying Pinterest, I came across this Post that was an awesome poem about walking with Grandma and I knew that I wanted to use it as Papa's special Christmas gift.

I like to walk with Papa . . .
He takes his time you see
His steps are little just like mine;
He stops and waits for me.

He lets me ask him questions
He lets me hold his hand.
He makes me feel 10 feet tall
And I think that he is grand.

He says there’s no one like me
And gold is what I’m worth.
When I get to walk with Papa
I’m the luckiest kid on earth
Adapted from a poem by: Patsy Gaut

Isn't that awesome? I thought about a lot of ways to display this and finally settled on a very simple idea using a frame with three 4x6 openings.  Check it out: 
Isn't that so cute?  I thought about doing hand prints, creating a shadow box, and doing footprints but in the end I love the photos.  The benefit to this is that the photos can be updated every year, if he so chooses or he can leave it just like this as a reminder of how the boys are now - when they love their Papa more than anyone.

This concept would make a great birthday or Father's Day gift too.  I think if your kids were up to it - having them walk across a paper the size of your frame with painted feet would be cute.  Then print the poem on vellum paper so you could see through it and adhere it on top before framing it.