Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Study - 21 Ways to Connect with your Kids

Not long ago, I posted my Topical Study for the year and it has to do with raising good kids.  (That is easier to spell then conscientious . . ).  The funny thing is I also made this lengthy list of books I wanted to read on this topic but I missed one book that was really my #1 choice to read and that is a book title 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids.  I came across it last fall on a blog I follow but have not had a chance to start reading it until this month.

The author, Kathi Lipp, is so honest and that makes me want to keep reading. One of the first truths that I came across was this simple statement:
"Your kids need you to invest in them when they are young so that when they are older, they don't ever have to question your love for them." 
Isn't that a great thought?  Even when your kids struggle and go through valleys when they are teenagers (or even young adults) they won't doubt your love - you have already invested in them and they know that you love them.   Kathi also offered a couple of simple reminders - 1) God gave the right parent to the right kid and 2) God gave the right kid to the right parent. Wow.  God doesn't make a mistake, does He?  How often, though, do we run to friends, books, family and others with questions on our kids - instead we need to be on our knees in prayer begging God to guide us to raise our children in the right way.  Talk about convicting.  Yes, I was convicted that I need to pray for my boys more; really I need to pray without ceasing for those two special kids.

Next up is I'm going to work with my husband and we are going to do a little "personality" test provided in the book for each of the boys.  I want both my husband and I to complete it alone and then compare so we can see if we view our kids the same way ;-)  That info then will help us be able to be more intentional with each of the kids.

The final step in this book is completely 21 different items with your kids.  I look forward to reading through those ideas and sharing what we do with each of you!