Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter . .. Lots of Pictures!

We had a great Easter weekend which started with a wonderful Bridal Shower for my niece (which I'll share more about later).  I thought I would share our Easter weekend fun with photos though!

 After the shower, Darryl and I colored eggs with the boys and they loved it!  What a difference a year makes for this fun tradition.  Nate still enjoyed dipping, cracking, and tie dying the paper towel but Josh really got into it this year!
 The boys Easter Baskets!!

 Our little men!!!  I just loved the suspenders and ties :-) 

 My Dad!!
 My Brother!  We had the privilege to attend the church that I grew up in - it is where my dad has been pastoring for almost my whole life and my brother now pastors.  What a great service it was!!

 The guy with the shaved head is my brother Kel and all of his nephews (and his son) love him!!

 My sister-in-law, Deb, put together an awesome Easter Egg hunt for all of the kids (From 2- 25!!)  It was so much fun watching them run!  Josh hung right with the big kids while Nate got lots of help from his cousins.  In the end, my boys ended up with out 90% of the eggs thanks to everyone re-hiding eggs for them :-)
 My brother Ken's thre kids :-)

 My brother Kel and his family (this is the sister-in-law who planned the hunt!)

 Don't you love the cake?  My parents dog quietly licked all of the frosting off the side while we all sat right next to her in the next room.  None of us had a clue!

 We like to do Easter Baskets in the afternoon and the boys just loved them.  They got a t-shirt, a pair of flip flops, a bath sponge, and some little toys (I found great stuff at Michael's!)  The best toy?  The marshmallow gun - my husband and I would shoot my mom while the boys chased the marshmallows and ate them HA!
Now, my boys had been gone from home for over a week and it was so fun to watch them come home.  Josh just wanted to help unload the truck but I watched Nate and he went looking for all of his toys - specifically his trucks, and lined them all up until he knew they were all there.  It was just so cute!

So that was our Easter in a nutshell!