Saturday, March 17, 2018

Our week in photos #34

What a week it's been!

 Last Saturday, the boys and I went to a Mother/Son Event at the local middle school put on by some local businesses. 

 There was some hula hooping, Mother/Son Yoga, Crafts, Legos, and snacks.
 Oh, and a photo booth.
 Me and my crazy boys.
 On Sunday morning, we got up bright and early to go to Darryl's concert.  Here is one of his groupies :-)  Nate loves to carry the guitar.

 Nate plans on having his own band one day so he likes to be in the middle of everything.
 He sat right by the singers - he told me he was pretending he was in the group :-)
 Josh had his own interests. .. . playing games.

Monday and Tuesday were both quiet followed by AWANA on Wednesday and bowling on Thursday.

 On Friday, the boys had a friend over and they played outside for hours. 
 Then, Friday evening was our Co-Op Presentation night.  These are my tables with all of my display items from my two classes.
 Josh and Nate were in Lego Robotics.
 They built this.  It is a working water feature.
 All of the students work on a song/verse and presented it to kick the evening off.
 Josh and Nate did Tae Kwon Do moves :-)
Josh's sign language class sang three songs - it was super cool to see him using sign language :-)