Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful, fun, relaxing Easter Weekend. 

On Friday my mom arrived mid-afternoon which gave me a chance to run out and do some errands and the laundry!  We then attended the Good Friday Service at our church. 

Saturday Nate and I headed out for some Easter Egg Hunts.

 Our first stop was First Baptist Church in Lowell.  They always start with a short Easter service for the kids with songs and a telling of the Easter Story.  Then we head outside to hunt eggs. 

 Our second stop was at the local Ball Fields.  The kids cleaned up the field pretty quickly! 
 Nate with all of  his "loot".  You might notice I'm missing a kid.  Well, Josh decided on Saturday morning he didn't really feel like going on egg hunts.  Apparently they are "boring" now.  He stayed home with Nana.  

 After dinner we decorated Easter Eggs. 

Sunday started with church.  It was a great Easter Service with a great message and lots of music! 
 The boys with their Easter Baskets. 
 Such handsome young men!  So, total mom fail on Easter - I picked up the boys Easter clothes a month ago.  Nate tried his stuff on but Josh just never did.  I left early on Easter morning to get to choir practice.  When the family arrived, Josh had on his nice new shirt and a pair of his jogging pants.  Why?  Both pairs of shorts were too small!  Oops!  Next time I guess he had better try stuff on! 
 My crazy boys acting like rabbits. 
 Lunch is served! 
 Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt
 All the boys!  
Searching for the eggs. 

Go through their loot!  

I made an amazing purchase on Amazon this year.  I bought eggs already filled with little trinkets.  For real.  I didn't have to stuff them, I didn't have to snap them together (ok a few of them had come lose but most had not).  There were fun little toys like a tiny Rubik cube, a slinky, and a maze.  It made my life so much easier this year!!