Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* I've had so much fun listening to the boys sing their songs for their Christmas Program.  My favorite part is how they sing the wrong words.  Such as the line in Hark the Herald Angels Sing that says, "God and Sinners reconciled".  Josh sings it, "God and Sisters reconciled"  or, a song from their program that says, "Holy Holy" and he sings, "Homey, Homey"  :-) hahaha

*We took the boys to see Santa recently (which raised all kinds of questions from whether Santa drives a car to how he knows who is naughty or nice!).  One of the Elves walked by and Josh (loudly) exclaimed, "Look mom, even the Leprechauns came to see Santa!"  We explained that they were Elves; for the next few days Josh would ask, "What are those people called who work for Santa?"