Monday, July 28, 2014

Homeschool Happenings - K-5

I spent the last week working on lesson plans.  After doing the first 6 weeks, I realized that I could fill in the basics for the entire year and figure out where each subject will end and also I discovered that to get through our Say, Sing Write and Read curriculum we will actually have to continue that about a month longer than our "school year".  Really, though, that's fine because the kids need a little review throughout the summer break next year anyway.  The other thing I have decided, after seeing the full extent of the SSWR curriculum is that we are not going to be doing Five in a Row. As I was writing the first 6 weeks of lesson plans I was not feeling FIAR - it seems a little, well, out dated.  I also feel that SSWR will give us plenty to do for reading and phonics and I will supplement with some books along the way.  Another reason is that I really want to have time to teach some basic US Geography and also use a couple of magazines for Social Studies and Science AND have time for some basic Bible including the review of the SS lessons and working on their AWANA stuff - we just don't have time to get everything in and FIAR seemed like overkill at this point.  Finally, FIAR is a lot of work on my part - with prep for the activities, discussion topics and needing to purchase so many books - it just was making me feel overwhelmed already. I updated my  calendar board, added the white board and just tried to refresh things.

 And I got a basket to house all of our books/workbooks to keep them nice and neat.

The lesson plans are a basic overview.  I plan on making time each weekend (maybe Friday afternoons . .. ) to review for the following week.  This will allow me to make a more detailed weekly plan IF needed, gather supplies for the week, set up their workboxes for each day and just make sure our week is ready to go so it DOES go smoothly!

I have a few goals over the next few weeks:
1.  Order the last supplies which include some workbooks (I only ordered one of each earlier this summer so I could plan but knew I needed to order a second one before school started) , two magazine subscriptions, and a few other little things.
2.  Do 4 weeks of solid lesson prep.  I have a file drawer empty in my 2 drawer filing cabinet so I can put file folders together for each week and be able to just grab stuff and go.  We are camping the weekend before school starts so I need to be 100% prepped and ready to go.
3. Take the kids school supply shopping.  I love school supplies.  :-)  I have already picked up some things to have on hand  but the boys will be able to pick out things too - new markers, crayons, pencils, a ruler, etc.