Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too Cute Not to Toot

One of the projects I working on this winter is planning out our yard/landscaping etc.  When I came across this idea form Hometalk I thought it was adorable.  I would have to put a lock on it to keep my kids out of it but it is still a great idea!
Ok, I'm cheating on this one but I saw this idea from an Etsy shop and love it.  It would be so great for traveling - no more wet ziplock bags or hairy tooth brushes because they ended up next to the hair brush and for the price?  Why make it - just order it!
I'm not sure about you but we love Lofthouse cookies - those really soft sugar cookies with the fantastic frosting.  Well, authentic suburban gourmet. tested out a recipe she found on pinterest and then shares it.  Her photos make it look like the real thing but I wonder how close the taste REALLY is? 
Did you know Easter is just around the corner?  (I need to get shopping for some Easter outfits!!) Well, I know that we have Valentine's Day and St Patrick's day first but this idea from Simple as that blog was way to cute not to share here.
This idea is really a list.  I have great memories of my dad reading great books to me as a kid so I want to remember this list of books to read to the boys from Sarah Bessey.  I can attest that I've read most of those as a kid and/or when I was teaching - either to my students or as part of our curriculum.  They really are great books.

One last idea and this one is from HGTV.com and I think the boys would have fun making these this spring and hanging them in the trees.  Every year I say I'm going to hang some bird feeders in our trees but I never do :-)
Happy Crafting :-)