Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Challenge - Creating a Chore Chart

A Bowl Full of Lemons is hosting a weekly challenge once again!  It's been a little while since she hosted one (or I participated - I think I missed a few).   This weeks challenge is to create a chore chart for your children.  She invited Becky from Organizing Made Fun to share her ideas this week.  One of the things I liked that Becky shared is an "age appropriate list" for chore ideas.  I think it is easy to think that your children are either not able to do certain things OR expect too much out of them and her lists really help put that into perspective. 

I just recently finished reading a book (which I'll talk about in a later post about the what I'm reading) that shared a concept about creating a chore chart and the concept of jurisdictions as well as an easy reward system.  One of the things I was intrigued by with this system is the fact that it is set up by routines - creating a wall chart and using sticky notes to assign tasks to each child.  These could be individual tasks such as making a bed, putting away PJ's, or putting away toys.  Than, instead of "chores" a child is assigned a Jurisdiction such as helping with laundry, vacuuming, etc.  The reward?  A penny for each task completed.  Simple, huh? 

Yes, I'm being a little vague because I have to read the book first, understand the concept more, and than make my plan and implement it.  I already see how my kids are starting to help.  My 2 year old loves to throw things away - he knows where the trashcans are and is more than willing to help in that area.  He is also learning to feed the dog and we are working on picking up toys when we are done playing.  The 1 year old likes to wipe off his place with a wet wipe. 

If you already use a chore chart - what do you use?  How do you get your children to help with chores?