Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

Just a reminder that I am hosting a Thirty-one catalog party and would appreciate any orders :-)  You can click on the link and it will send you to the original blog post which has all of the information as well as a link to the website to order from my party!  The party closes April 15th and yes, your order can be shipped directly to you!  My consultant is actually had baby number 6 on Monday and I'd love to "give" her a BIG party in celebration of that new baby boy!

Now, on to our party!  I missed last week due to working on projects!  I told my husband that the next time my kids go away for any amount of time, I'm not going to plan so many projects.  I feel like I need a break from my week "off" HA!  Do you know the worst part?  I didn't even get through my entire list and yet I worked like a crazy woman all week!!!   Well, enough of that - lets take a look at some great ideas that are out in blog land!!

I love this first idea from Positively Splendid and would really like to make this for my porch this summer.  I've discovered that with a dog and two boys, trying to plant flowers in a flower bed just isn't the best idea!

I love fresh herbs but don't like spending money on them so when I saw this idea from Gingersnap Crafts, I wanted to share it.  This would be easy to do even with the small pots, I would think, and then you could put them on a windowsill.

Ok, now I know what you were expecting, right?  LOADS of ideas since I didn't post last week.  Well, so did I but . . . most of the ideas in the places I search were still ALL Easter ideas and, as much as I love a good holiday, I'm tired of things made with Peeps and Plastic Eggs.  So . . .I only have two summery ideas for you!  I'm kinda curious what the next few weeks bring since Easter fell so early and the next "big" holiday isn't until the end of May (Memorial Day in case you are trying to figure that one out).  Personally, I'm even at a loss of what to hang on my door and what to put on my "mantel".  Maybe I'll be inspired next week after I recover from all of my craftiness from last week!