Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Organization 101 Challenge

Last weeks challenge was to organize the kitchen.  I got a free pass since I did this a few weeks ago.  One thing that the blog author says is to empty all of your cupboards at once.  I disagree.  Even though she also says to make sure you can finish this project in one day (so have the husband take the kids away) I still disagree - this goes against everything Flylady teaches HA!  When I want to reorganized my kitchen, I do it one cupboard at a time, in 15-30 minute time slots because I KNOW I can get that much done before being needed by my kids.  Sometimes that means one section of my counter has things on it that I want to move or need a new home until I'm done but I also know that in a matter of 2-3 days my cupboards are all cleaned out.  When I did this back at the beginning of August, I ended up taking about 3 boxes of stuff (small boxes mind you) to Good Will AND I started my Christmas Wish list of things I'd like to replace like glasses, pots and pans and even dishes.  I tend to be someone who uses things forever even when I get tired of them because I feel like I need to get the full value of use out of it especially if it is a gift.  Well, I'm ready to move on.  (Just a week or so ago I was in Kohls and saw some adorable dishes!!)  You can see the post I did on "Phase 1" of our kitchen redo by clicking HERE

This weeks challenge is to clean out the garage.  This is on the list for my husband and I to do together in a few weeks.  We REALLY cleaned it back at the beginning of August - this time we just have things to store (like closet doors that we recently removed) and need to take care of other misc things that are out there to keep it a safe place for the boys to go into since that is where all of their stuff is stored.  So, I guess I'm ahead :-)  

So far this challenge is easy - I've either already done it or it is scheduled for a different week!