Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Final Simplify Post - For Real

I started 2011 with a key theme word of Simplify  I really feel like having this key word helped me focus on accomplishing many things for our family and for our home.  It helped me not get side tracked by other things that come along.  Did I accomplish every single item on my lists?  Absolutely not!  There are still a few items left to finish with the bathroom - nothing major, just items I would like done.  The kitchen project got put on hold and my scrapbooking goals did not get completed.  There are things that I have completed, though, that I love - my gift wrapping station that is stored under my bed, my recipe binder which has become a huge blessing when it is time to plan our menu, my desk organization system, picture organization and more. 

Even though I have a new word picked for 2012 that I will share later this week, I will continue to work on keeping things simple.  I will update my scrapbooking goals in order to get caught up and current (I'm so close I can almost see it!!), and we have some house projects to complete this year including painting the kitchen. 

I had the opportunity earlier this month to share this concept of a yearly Theme Word at a Calendar Planning Meeting and so many people have thanked me for it - it is not my original idea but I'm so thankful that I have been able to encourage others with this idea.