Friday, October 7, 2016

Weekly Menu

We had a good week.  We ate out a little, I cooked a little . .life is good.  I know I need to get back into trying to get the kids, most specifically Nate, tasting new foods.  I am not a "eat it or go hungry" kind of parent; probalby because I'm a little bit picky myself but, I do find it annoying sometimes when the pickiness becomes well, refusual to try something.  Josh is willing to try a little more (shoot, the kid loves sweet potatos) but Nate, he could live on Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese!

Anyway, all of that to say, this is what is planned for the week and who knows, maybe Nate will learn to like something new (For the record, he has learned to like grapes, apples, and "salad" - he loves croutons dipped in dressing. . .even blue cheese dressing :-) )

Friday - We get a special treat as my mom is coming over and she is providing dinner :-)  We haven't seen in her a few weeks and are going through withdrawel.

Saturday - I don't cook on Saturdays.  For real.  This Saturday I have plans to do a few fun things with the boys while Darryl is working, along with running a few errands, and then meeting him for dinner.

Sunday - Simple BBQ Ribs, Cheesy Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and Biscuits; Then we will have Homemade Pizza for Dinner.

Monday - Cheesy Broccoli Soup and Ham Sammies.

Tuesday - Stir-Fry Beef Lo Mein and French Bread

Wednesday - Stuffed Shells with cheese, Salad, and Garlic Bread

Thursday -Slow Cooker Enchiladas, Mexican Rice and Chips and Cheese